How to Write a Psychological Thriller with Colette McBeth and Sarah Vaughan

Tuesday January 23rd 2018 7.30pm at Waterstones, Crouch End, London. Join us for an evening in conversation with crime writers Sarah Vaughn (An Anatomy Of A Scandal) and Colette McBeth (An Act of Silence),  interviewed by author Simon Booker. Sarah and Colette will be discussing the recent sex scandals in Westminster, the press reaction to such scandals and how far people will go to protect the ones they love.

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Two events at Granite Noir
Aberdeen’s first book festival dedicated to crime fiction


Here’s Looking at You, Kids with Melanie McGrath, Colette McBeth and Sanjida Kay

Saturday February 24th 2018
1.30-2.30pm at The Lemon Tree Studio, Aberdeen.

Three authors, three gripping takes on the complicated relationship between parents and children. In Melanie McGrath’s Give Me The Child, a doctor confronts her husband’s past infidelity, and his love child. With her family in peril, she wonders if you can be born evil, and whether violent behaviour is genetic. An Act of Silence, by Colette McBeth, questions how far a mother will go to protect a son who is accused of murder. Is she desperate enough to risk other’s lives to save his? In The Stolen Child, Sanjida Kay portrays a frightened family threatened by the arrival of a man claiming to be their adopted daughter’s biological father — and he wants her back.

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How to Plan your novel (and get it finished), perfecting plot with Colette McBeth

Saturday 24 February 2018
3.30pm-4.30pm at Aberdeen Central Library.

This masterclass demystifies the process of novel writing, helps you break down your story into manageable chunks, and shows how plotting will not only get you started, but take you all the way from the beginning to “THE END”. Learn about storyboarding techniques, outlining, character arcs and how to weave suspense into your novel. There will be useful tips (and hacks) for creating and managing multiple timelines and points of view, as well as ways to avoid the dreaded midway dip, and power through to the final chapter.

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Faber Academy, Writing a Novel Course

Tuesday February 27th 2018
Guest speaker

Talk Radio with Penny Smith

Saturday March 3rd 2018


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